GriefShare is a grief recovery support group where you can find help and healing for the hurt of losing a loved one.

Volunteer Testimonials


I am so thrilled to be a part of Grief Share ministry. It is always a joy to be in the will of God and it was Jodi who really encouraged me in this ministry. I’m not sure when I first met Jodi, but we got to know each other better when we did an Elijah House course together. I could see she has a heart for the hurting and lost and wants to bring healing to all she can. I had lost several people in my life but when I lost my husband it was the darkest time of my life. Through the EH course she facilitated, I was learning more about praying for others and listening to the voice of God.

I had done Grief Share (GS) shortly after my husband had passed but when you are so focused on your pain you can only receive so much healing and instruction. Jodi facilitated a GS that I attended a second time with the intentions of more healing but also show me the direction I should go. Why should we go through such intense pain in vain but to learn healing and comfort from God and to heal and comfort others? She helped me find my passion and ministry. So, through Reconciliation Resources I began to facilitate GS.

God was merciful to me in my first session sending me Christians who were calm and loved to share. With each session since (six sessions – spring and fall) it has been very unique, extreme differences and so much hurt and pain. I had to learn to leave it all up to God. I have had people with PTSD and people from prison with addiction and gang-related problems. There have been people who have dealt with murder of family and children. GS gives the tools. I facilitate and pray, and God heals and comforts. Praise God. GS always offers Jesus as their healing, so I have been able to tell people who do not know Jesus about Jesus and lead them to salvation. It has been wonderfully hard and very much a growing experience for me and those who have attended. Those who have facilitated with me have said the same thing that we have grown and learn each time we facilitate. It’s great to be able to offer tools to help others walk this journey of Grief. Blessings! As our grief recovery program expands, many find the need for ongoing support and fellowship. Thanks to our GS alumni Marg, who resides in Waldheim, where a new GS is launching, a newly formed, previously envisioned, grief recovery alumni group is now meeting regularly.


I so enjoyed Grief Share when I took the class 11 years ago when my husband of 40 years passed away from cancer. I went to several groups during that first year but enjoyed the faith-based part of this one and also the videos which keep everyone on topic. I sat at Gloria’s table at the Bibleville Christmas Party at the Rock Church in December the previous year. Somehow the topic came up after I shared, I’d lost my partner. I kept her number and called to see if I could help that next Fall. I had known Jodi from my sister’s connection with The Neighbourhood Church. It’s interesting how things fall into place.

Through helping Gloria, I have been reminded that grief does last a lifetime, but the deep hurts and pain can be lessened, and we can go on to have the fulfilling life God intended. Death is a part of life here on earth also and everyone will eventually experience it. Once we’ve experienced such deep pain God also says we can and should help others as they experience similar things.

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