Reconciliation Resources acts as an option for students doing their ministry formation at Horizon College & Seminary.



I met Jodi and Darryl Bryant through Horizon College and Seminary. When I heard about what they stood for and the ministries they were involved in I knew God was leading me in that direction. Since meeting them I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer at The Lighthouse and a prison where I got to be the hands and feet of Jesus to men in the margins of society. I was incredibly blessed by the opportunity and I look forward to going back there and hanging out with the men some more.


I chose to serve with The Lighthouse Friday Coffee House Ministry, DC4KIDS, and CR because I love working with kids and I have been through my parents splitting up, so I know how it feels to go through something like that as a kid. This program was a perfect way to help kids with what they’re going through. I did not have anyone there for me. I helped in CR because I have a brother who is battling addictions and other family as well. I wanted to get to know people and understand where they are coming from and help support them in were, they are now. Jodi, you were super welcoming and a motherly figure, so it made me feel safe to be with you and work in your teams.

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