Grandfamily Support Group

Are you parenting grandchildren without support? Do you need support with issues pertaining to your grandchildren? We are here for you! You don’t have to do this alone.

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‘Exhausted’: Meth crisis forcing grandparents to raise grandchildren

Methamphetamine addiction is growing and that’s leaving some grandparents with little choice but to cancel retirement so that they can look after their grandchildren full-time. “It’s the grandparents doing the parenting because the parents are unable or unqualified to parent,” said one Manitoba woman who’s fighting to adopt her two grandsons due to her daughter’s …

Grandparents play a larger role in raising children these days

By Darlene Polachic, Saskatoon StarPhoenix November 11, 2018 GRANDFAMILY holds socials and monthly meetings to offer support to grandparents and other kin and kith who are full-time or part-time caregivers for children and teens. Read more

Women of Worth

L’Oreal Paris Women of Worth Candidate

Providing Better Care for Children

By Courtney Bell BELLEVILLE – After a life of tremendous obstacles, Betty Cornelius created a way for others to not have to suffer like she did. Born and raised in Alberta, Cornelius had a different childhood than most. Her mother put her up for adoption shortly after she was born, and it was her grandmother …

Grandparents Raising their Grandchildren

By Chloë Ellingson in Toronto Star Margaret Claus often has a child’s flower hair clip pinned to her silver hair or a homemade elastic bracelet around her wrist. That’s because the 77-year-old widow has been raising her great-granddaughter, Ellie, since the child was born 10 years ago. Read More

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

By Jeanie Keogh in Impowerage Magazine Giving out contraband candies to your grandchildren when their parents aren’t looking, or secretly letting them stay up late are a few of the guilty pleasures of grandparenting. But as much as grandparents might love their grandchildren, they probably wouldn’t choose to raise them. And yet as of 2001, …

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