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I see Reconciliation Resources Ministry as having three primary focuses: counselling ministry (operating under LifeChange), faith-based recovery support groups, and intentional outreach initiatives. With the outreach, I have been involved in bringing leadership to the RR monthly Friday Night Coffee House music ministry at The Lighthouse. Our team of evangelist’s faithfully share “spiritual” conversations with the residents there with the aim of sharing Christ with people.

At The Lighthouse, we have seen people experience healing through the worship music. We have also seen even professed non-believers enter into worship. Our team members have cooked bannock and other treats, have brought necessities, and loved on the people. We have had the privilege of leading numerous people through the “Sinner’s Prayer”. We also many times have the privilege of praying with people experiencing crisis. Divine opportunities are what we anticipate at our Friday night involvement.

Volunteer Testimonials

RR Lighthouse Team: Friday Night Coffee House & Outreach


My wife Dolly and I met Darryl and Jodi in church years ago in a booth set up. They had a healing and counselling ministry! One day they took us out to lunch and discussed what they do and how their ministry was involved in the community! We talked about The Lighthouse which ministers to the homeless people and people with addictions! They invited me and I knew that was what God was calling me to be involved with! Just seeing so many broken lives with so many problems has helped me to be a listening ear and speak hope into their lives and offer some counseling where God leads! Giving hope to those that are lost without Jesus that’s what were called to do. Yours in Christ!


I signed in as a volunteer for RR Lighthouse Outreach when I knew next to nothing about The Lighthouse. I just knew it was an opportunity to share the message of the Gospel with people. It was during the first meeting of the RR LH team that I began to understand what The Lighthouse was all about. Since the beginning of the outreach, 2 Cor. 5:20 has been my key scripture. If Jesus was alive in the flesh today in Saskatoon, He would be serving the people at the LH. I go to the LH on behalf of the Master. Most people I have met at the LH have been very responsive to the Gospel message. Some surrendered their lives to Christ for the first time. Some had been in faith earlier and rededicated. These people were encouraged to hold on to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of their faith. Generally, I see the LH as a field ripe for harvest. But, like the Master said, “the labourers are few.” Indeed, very few.


I was born in Christian family. Our ancestors became Christians during British rule in the subcontinent of India. My family took me to church, and I attended Sunday school. My father was a professor of History and Political Science. Besides his profession, he used to preach in churches and in seminars. My mother is a housewife and she served as a Sunday school teacher and was preaching in our community too.

My foundation of Christian doctrine came from home. When I joined college, I started Bible study with PFES (Pakistan Fellowship of Evangelical Students) and learned many things. I was trained to organize cell groups, seminars, conventions, stage dramas by most of all to go to parks and engage people in conversation regarding Jesus Christ. This was when I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour and found the real meaning. I built my confidence based on my life experience, meeting people of different believes, tongues, and ethnicities. God has given me many opportunities to share my faith over the years through work and volunteer organizations.

I serve the Lord wherever He uses me because I feel it is my duty to obey His command. I came to know about RR through Elim Church. I signed for RR as a volunteer to serve the Lord. The Lighthouse is one of the RR ministries where we meet with broken families and people from different backgrounds, broken somehow and trying to find a solution for their life. They need hope, light, love and encouragement. It is exciting to introduce Jesus to them. He is the solution to all their problems. Once they realize how empty they are without His light, it is easy for them to accept Him as their personal Saviour. I remember the first time that I visited The Lighthouse cafeteria. I met one young guy who was released from jail a few days before, and after we introduced ourselves, we started talking about different things in life and on current affairs. I found out that he was desperate and trying to find life’s meaning in Islam. I told him that I am from Pakistan and I have experienced living with Muslims, and I know about Islam. He thought Islam was a peaceful religion. I gave him a few references from the Quran (chapters 9 and 5) and asked him to find out himself. He was astonished to find out what it said. Later, we talked about Jesus Christ and His salvation. He still remembered about some of his faith background. All I have to do was to refresh his memory, his need of Jesus in his life, and to encourage him to start reading the Bible. He promised he would. The next time I saw him in the cafeteria, he told me that he started attending the church. Pastor Darryl and our group prayed for him. It’s amazing when the Lord Jesus uses you for saving lives. I found that at The Lighthouse most of the people are lost and they need someone to talk with to reconcile them to Jesus Christ. It is a very important mission as Christians to bring the lost souls to Jesus Christ.

Lighthouse HAPPY HEARTS GANG Team: Second Thursday Night Coffee House & Outreach


Our journey started as our church encouraged a vision for the Great Commission where Jesus called his disciples to go and make disciples in all the world. Wow, what a calling, what a task!! But Jesus just didn’t leave, He promised to be with us always. In sending the Holy Spirit, He has provided our simple, not so brave hearts the ability to carry on His ministry. So our gracious women’s ministry leader challenged women to form groups that would encourage, challenge, bless and learn what it means to be a follower of Christ all within the vision of “up” (our relationship with God), “in” (in relationships with others in a group) and eventually “out” (building relationships outside of church and group). Throughout all knowing the character of God and to whom/whose we are and how we can share this Good News to those so broken and in need of Christ unconditional love, mercy and grace. He asks us just to follow and in doing so Christ will change the heart of man.

My daughter has done some classes through and with RR and I had attended a fundraiser about a year before where I met Jodi for the first time. Their involvement with The Lighthouse sparked a flame in our group of women and so began our journey once a month playing games, doing puzzles, adult colouring and building relationships with the people there. We have been so blessed with how God is changing our hearts, giving us all what we need even in our inadequacies. In Him we are more than able! We look forward to continuing once a month and showing the character of Christ to those we build relationships with each time. It was our local church that challenged us to reach outwardly. It was RR that provided the opportunity, directing us to opportunities at The Lighthouse.

Happy Hearts Gang meets every second Thursday of the month where we do games, crafts, colouring, and spiritual conversations with those at The Lighthouse. Our team has been growing.

Ministering with the two Saskatoon Love Buses

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