‘Exhausted’: Meth crisis forcing grandparents to raise grandchildren

Methamphetamine addiction is growing and that’s leaving some grandparents with little choice but to cancel retirement so that they can look after their grandchildren full-time.

“It’s the grandparents doing the parenting because the parents are unable or unqualified to parent,” said one Manitoba woman who’s fighting to adopt her two grandsons due to her daughter’s addiction. Read More

Providing Better Care for Children

By Courtney Bell

BELLEVILLE – After a life of tremendous obstacles, Betty Cornelius created a way for others to not have to suffer like she did.

Born and raised in Alberta, Cornelius had a different childhood than most. Her mother put her up for adoption shortly after she was born, and it was her grandmother that took her home from the hospital and began raising her.

As she grew older her grandmother became ill and she had to move back in with her mom. It was not long before Cornelius found out that she was pregnant and moved out of her mother’s house.  Read More