Sanctuary Prayer & Intercession

Join Sanctuary on Facebook! We all need prayer, and Jesus asks us to pray because prayer changes things. Report your praises online too! Share with us when you have had an answer and experienced God move in your life.

Volunteer Testimonials


My two nephews were killed in horrific accidents. I took Grief Share three times to help me heal. I helped facilitate Grief Share to help others start to heal through this ministry. Jodi and I met one summer as we relaxed at a local swimming pool. GOD led Jodi and I together at Elim Church. She was the instructor for Elijah House Prayer Ministry 201, Transformed. Jodi was the leader for our Sanctuary Group. This was an amazing prayer ministry of women who would meet once a week to pray. I really learned how to pray, how to hear GOD’s voice and use tools for ministry.

Sanctuary is where I learned the most about ministry and how the HS works through me. I was a part of The Lighthouse Ministry before RR through another church. RR started their ministry with The Lighthouse and it gave me the opportunity to go there more often to do outreach, pray, show compassion, love, spread the Gospel and to just meet the people where they are in their lives. Praying with people, holding their hands while praying, feeling the power of the Holy Spirit working in that place and being able to see people come to Christ and SEE transformation take place in their lives was transformational in my spiritual growth.

LAURA: I first met Jodi when my husband Jake and I were taking part in an inner healing course. Jodi led this course and with taking part in sharing, Jodi and I grew closer. It was during this time we discovered Jake, my husband, was related. Jake was placed in a care home with dementia and my granddaughter’s cancer became worse and she needed a bone marrow transplant. I grew very close to my church sisters in Christ as I continued to ask for prayers.

Jodi offered Sanctuary Intercession & Prayer– a local prayer and intercession group as well as an online group. Christ has guided me through my good times as well as my hard times. I lost five people in six months including my husband Jake and my granddaughter Cheryl. God carried me through. Thanks to the many prayers from my Church Family. Because of the prayers from these sisters in Christ, I began to trust them. I was never judged or talked about – rather, they showed genuine love and caring. This made me want to pass on the same to someone else in need and to encourage someone else of God’s Love for all and church sisterhood. You pray until an answer comes in God’s will. Though I am not a local participant, over the past four years, I’ve continued to join and pray for those who have requests with the over 200 intercessors on Sanctuary, the Reconciliation Resources online prayer, intercession, and therapy Facebook page.

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